I was recently thinking about the apps I use. I found it interesting to think that I have a go-to app for a particular interest, need, or desire. I don’t use two weather apps, or two note-taking apps. That’d be redundant; instead, I have one app that I like the most of the ones I have tried and stick with it.

This probably sounds quite straightforward - and it really is - but it lead me to think about why I use these apps. Why did I choose Day One as my journal app rather than the other dozen or so that are out there? Why BBC Weather, which is a free app, when I’ve paid for other weather apps? They must be doing something that I found to be better than the others. Day One is not a unique concept - people have been keeping journals for a very long time, and yet the developers implemented the idea in such a way that I felt beat all the others.

So I’m going to write a few blog posts about the apps I use - what I like about them, what I dislike. I may also write about the competition and why I didn’t choose them. I think it’ll be good to really pay attention to these apps, focus on why I enjoy using them, and perhaps I can learn from them and use what I’ve learned in my own apps.

Of course, it’s not just about the app itself which may cause it to “win” - perhaps the marketing is better, perhaps it syncs to another program that I use. There’s even the possibility that the company developed a desktop version of the application! I’ll try and pay attention to these things as well.

Here’s what I’ve covered so far:

  1. CityMapper
  2. Evernote
  3. Spotify