I made a post over a month ago about Diving Buddy going freemium - it took a long time, but Diving Buddy Lite is now officially released in the app store.

I ended up releasing an entirely new app for the lite version - this is because it would’ve been difficult adding in the In-App Purchases to an app that has already been selling on the app store. This way, a user can either purchase the full version of Diving Buddy, or download the lite (free) version and unlock some of the calculators to get the same features - for the same price.

I’m really pleased with this release - it’s something I’ve been wanting to add in for a long time. The app has been in the store for less than a week and the daily downloads are quite astonishing, particularly as I’ve done no marketing for it. Next: the Android version!

Here is the iTunes link to Diving Buddy Lite. I hope you like it.