It only recently came to my attention that Heroku added Web Socket compatibility last month (October)! I’ve been wanting to create something “real-time” for a while, but every BaaS (Backend as a Service) that I looked at either didn’t work with web sockets, didn’t provide real-time updates, or just wasn’t up to providing what I wanted well enough.

I’ve found more recently that Parse was really quite enjoyable to play with, so I’ll be using that as my data storage, and I’ll be creating a web socket server on Heroku that will cater to all my real-time needs (hopefully).

The application I’m developing is still in its very early stages, so I won’t be divulging what exactly it’ll be doing at this point since it may end up changing. Needless to say, I think it utilises some interesting technologies. I’ll post some updates about it as time goes on.