The latest update to my app Desk Jockey Workout was just released. So far, the feedback on the app has been astoundingly positive, which is great. I hope it’s something people can get a lot of value from. I also got a lot of feedback on version 1.0 - mostly small tweaks that they thought needed doing. This update aimed to fix those. So what did I do?

Well, the most common thing mentioned was the icon. I agree, it wasn’t brilliant. I’m not an artist! However, I am extremely stubborn, so I worked on improving it. I feel it’s much better now.

{% img center /images/DeskJockey_Logo_512.png 256 256 ‘Desk Jockey Logo’ ‘Desk Jockey Logo’ %}

The other major point of feedback was being able to view exercises while working out. Users can now press on the “next label” in the workout screen to view the next exercise, or almost anywhere else to view the current exercise. The workout pauses while the user does this.

I decided to introduce the first implementation of the calendar. Since before v1.0, I’ve had some code in the background keep track of what workouts the user does, when they do them, and some other statistics. This allows me to add functionality to the calendar when I can, without the user “losing” lots of information on their previous workouts. For now, the user can see on which days they’ve done the workout.

Since iOS 7 was released after v1.0 was released, I decided to update a couple of little things to make the app more functional on iOS 7. From the user’s perspective, this didn’t mean a lot. Behind the scenes though, just migrating to Xcode 5 caused a half-day’s work. Storyboards and auto-layouts were not happy. Most of my views decided to glitch, causing a lot of extra work to put them straight. All my text views also decided to glitch. For some reason, having the edited property disabled in the Storyboard meant I couldn’t change the font… But only on iOS 6. Bugs are features, right? :) Well, I added a Radar so we’ll see what they say.

The last and probably least thing added to Desk Jockey Workout in this update is the “reset exercise settings” button. A couple of people mentioned that they were fiddling around with the settings and forgot what the defaults were. Well, this is for you guys. One button press (and one confirmation) and you’ll be back to default!