It’s that time when I decide to buy a new hard drive and install a new Hackintosh on my computer. I just bought a Samsung 850 500GB SSD. This will now house OS X rather than the 5 year old 64GB SSD it was on previously. I was struggling with the 64GB I had previously - it just wasn’t enough, and I constantly had to remove things to make space.

I have been thinking about this quote quite often lately. The general idea is that the more you wish something hadn’t happened, or worry about something in the future, the more it occupies your mind. I suppose from a purely neurological point of view, by constantly thinking of something, you are constantly creating new connections in your brain, solidifying the memory/thought even further. For example, a man has an interview and something goes wrong - it doesn’t matter what - the point is that after that interview he keeps thinking about it, wishing it would have gone differently, thinking up scenarios to have made it better.

Harry Richardson

Lead iOS Developer